Helpful Tools for Installation documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

The following tools are not required to install or use dotCMS, but may prove helpful during dotCMS installation or troubleshooting.

Administration Tools

  • SQuirreL SQL is a database browsing tool written in Java, which allows you to query and modify your database using a graphical SQL interface.
  • JConsole, which is installed with the Java Development Kit, allows you to connect to and monitor dotCMS after JMX has been enabled. JConsole allows you to monitor resource usage and the state of all running threads.
  • JXplorer is an LDAP browsing tool written in Java, which can help you verify your LDAP information.

Development Tools

You may wish to use the following tools if you plan to develop dotCMS plugins or contribute code to dotCMS.

  • Git is an open source program for source control management used by dotCMS.
  • Github is an online tool source code and document repository where the dotCMS source code is stored and maintained.