Upgrading dotCMS documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

dotCMS has a different upgrade process for upgrading dotCMS Cloud vs Self Hosted dotCMS. There are a few steps that should be done no matter which type of enviroment you are upgrading.

The change log contains specific information on both the changes that have been made in the new version and how this may affect your individual dotCMS installation.One specific change to look out for is a Breaking Change, which will require change in your system or dotCMS implementation for the new version to work, this is noted at the top of the changelog for that particular release. Importantly, the change log for the new version may suggest additional upgrade steps you need to take, based on your individual dotCMS configuration.


  • The changes are inclusive, so you should review all changes between the older version you are running and the newer version you are upgrading to.
  • Please also review the list of deprecated macros and features to determine if any features in your installation have been newly deprecated.

Upgrade on dotCMS Cloud

To upgrade dotCMS Cloud please have your designated Helpdesk user submit a ticket requesting an upgrade. Please include in the ticket what version you would like to upgrade to and a date range when you would like the upgrade to take place.

Upgrade on dotCMS Self Hosted

To upgrade Self Hosted dotCMS please follow the directions on the Upgrading dotCMS - Self Hosted page.